About Us

PYROCHY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED specializing in production and export of medical/laboratory equipment, appliances and instruments has always sought to achieve standards, expected of the best organizations in the world. In addition to higher business ethnics, the company also aims at providing a sound management and employee motivation. Though these are very demanding targets, the company is committed to achieving them consistently.

Following are the facts worth knowing about this friendly organization, working with which brings not only profits but pleasures also:

  • The company was incorporated in 7th Oct. 1996 under companies & allied matters Act 1990.
  • Pyrochy has the distinction of being the only Nigeria Company, in its field, having all products, Pvrochv marked.
  • Pyrochy has a large number of customers in many different countries worldwide. There is hardly a country where the Pyrochy products have not found their way, either direct or through re-export. Many importers, particularly in a few countries, Ghana, Togo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast etc.
  • Pyrochy hit. Ltd. has been conferred with the meritorious fellows of the Onitsha Chamber of Commerce (FCON) on Nov. 2010.
  • 5. Pyrochy have successfully executed contract projects of some of primary health projects in various part of the country.

We have completed the supplier of medical equipment by under listed Companies through Algon through sub-contract Triscope, Locket and J.K RYTE in 2010.

  • 95 Local govt, area in South-east of Nigeria
  •  121 Local govt, in North Central state of Nigeria,
  •  117 Local govt, in South-west state of Nigeria
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